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International Zen Temple gem. e.V.
About us

International Zen-Temple gem. e.V. is a place to practice Seon (Zen) Buddhism under the guidance of Venerable Zen Master Young San Seong Do. He teaches the original Seon of the
Chinese-Korean tradition in a vigorous and vivid manner.

For the practitioner on the Zen path it is all about cutting off the innummerable illusions he is entangled in and to see his true nature. Whosoever succeeds to do so by means of earnest and determined practice, will be able to live his life easily, clearly, and powerfully.

Sixteen years ago, the Ven. Zen master came from Korea to Berlin in order to enable Europeans, too, to embrace authentic Seon practice. He guides practitioners - beginners as well as the advanced - by giving individual Gong-An(Koan)-interviews and by public dharma speeches. All dharma speeches are held in English or Korean and are translatend into German.

The core of Seon, as practiced at International Zen-Temple gem. e.V. is the cultivation of one's mind through keeping the Gong-An (Jap.: Koan). Hereby, sitting meditation is of outstanding significance. Yet it is no less important to keep practicing with the koan also in one's daily life. Other important forms of spiritual practice are also pursued, e.g. mantra practice, the prayer of prostrations, and solemn ceremonies in honour of Buddha. The study of the Diamond Sutra, one of the most important doctrinal texts in the Zen school, also occupies a very special place at International Zen-Temple gem. e.V.

Besides the regular weekly Zen practice, International Zen-Temple gem. e.V. offers also Intensive Zen Retreats (Korean: Yong Maeng Jeong Jin) where practitioners have the opportunity to deepen their practice under the supervision of Ven. Zen master Young San Seong Do. These intensive Seon (Zen) retreats take place once a month for a three-day period and twice a year for a ten-day period. Strict silence has to be kept during those retreats. This enables participants to strengthen their practice power.

Anyone who likes to join us on the Zen path is welcome at International Zen-Temple gem. e.V. It does not matter how much experience in meditation one has or with what religion one is affiliated. The only prerequisites are an open mind, sincere interest, and the willingness to observe the rules that are customary in Buddhist temples.

International Zen Temple gem. e.V. has the legal status of a "gemeinnütziger e.V." (a registered non-profit organisation under German law) .

Events at the temple are equally open to members and guests alike.

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