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Gong-An Zen
Necessity of Zen Practice

Buddha said:
“All suffering originates within ourselves,
within our mind.”

To escape from suffering, we have to see our mind. Only then, we can control it and thereby cut off the origin of our suffering. Zen practice is a way to see our mind.

Korean Zen (Seon) practice uses Koans (Gong-Ans) as a means to see one´s mind.
Koans denote a doubtful question that points back to the asking person itself: "Who am I?"
By capturing our mind from moment to moment into this question, we can cut off all worldly thoughts and see our true nature.

Concentration on the Koan question is supported in a very special way at the Intensive Zen Retreats in the International Zen-Temple. This is due to the kind guidance of the Zen master as well as the silence during the entire period of practice. The calm, clear and powerful atmosphere makes it possible to get rid of all worldly thoughts.

Participation in the Intensive Zen Retreats is a first and important step on our way towards our true nature. Yet, we recommend that persons who have had no experience with Zen practice so far should first take part for a considerable period of time in our weekly Zen practice on Tuesday evenings.

Anyone who wishes to practice Zen should not think of it easily. Zen is not a one time pastime for three days but should be practiced constantly, from moment to moment.

All practitioners are requested to practice Zen everyday at home for at least 50 minutes at a time. Only with such a sincere and earnest attitude of mind and preparation is it possible to successfully participate in the three-day or ten-day Intensive Zen Retreats of International Zen-Temple gem. e. V.

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