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Weekly Zen Practice

Sitting Zen Practice

Tuesday: 7pm

On Tuesdays we practice sitting Zen twice, first for 30 and then for 40 minutes. The two sitting periods are interrupted by 10 minutes of walking Zen.

We offer an individual introduction to the method of Koan Zen sitting practice prior to the start of the session.

come to the temple at 6.30 pm and bring comfortable clothings with long sleeves and legs and clean socks. (Also in summer, arms and legs need to be fully covered inside the temple.)

Participation is only possible with prior registration via e-mail. Please write a few words about your personal background and your interest in Zen practice.

"Zen and the Diamond Sutra" - Lecture Series by Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do

Thursday: 7pm

Sitting Zen (30 min.) and dharma speech by Ven. Zen Master Y. S. Seong Do.

Attending this lecture series requires previous experience in Zen practice and
personal allowance from the Ven. Zen master.
We recommend that you attend for the whole course of the lecture series (two years).

You need to be a member of International Zen-Temple e.V. to apply for participation.

Koan Interviews

In exeptional cases, personal Koan interviews with the Ven. Zen Master can be arranged for at individually chosen times.
Usually, koan interviews are given at fixed hours during the
Intensive Zen Practice held every month at International Zen-Temple gem. e.V.

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