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Buddha's Enlightenment Day

"But when the morning star appeared in the eastern sky, the struggle was over and the Prince's mind was as clear and bright as the breaking day. He had, at last, found the path to Enlightenment. It was December eighth, when he was thirty-five years of age that the Prince became Buddha."

Traditionally, Buddhists all over the world stay awake during this night to meditate in order to commemorate the great experience of Buddha.
We invite you to join us and practice Zen together under the guidance of Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do for this occasion.

Night Meditation in Honour of
Buddha's Enlightenment

17 - 18 January 2024 (07 - 08 December according to the lunar calendar)


18:00 Worship to Buddha
18:10 Diamond Sutra Recitation by Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do
19:10 Meditation (30 Min.)
20:00 Dharma Speech by Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do
21:00 Meditation (40 Min.)
21:40 Break / Snack
22:30 Meditation (30 Min.) and Walking Zen (10 Min.)
23.10 Meditation (40 Min.)
23:50 Recitation of the Four Great Vows
00:00 End

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