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Dharma Speeches
by Zen Master Y.S. Seong Do
Dharma Speech given at Kulturzentrum Anatolischer Aleviten
Vesag Ceremony 2543
On the Heart Sutra

5 March 2002
Anadolu Alevileri Kültür Merkezi Berlin (AAKM)
Kulturzentrum Anatolischer Aleviten e.V.
Dharma Speech given at the Opening Ceremony
of the 9th Alevitische Kulturtage

Dharma Speech by Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do

Thank you for your kind invitation to the 9th Alevitische Kulturtage.

Here, I would like to address my sincere and friendly message to all members of the Alevi community.

I, a humble monk from Korea, wish to pay my respects to all Alevis for courageously demonstrating your open-hearted tolerance and your great effort in trying to harmonize with all families in this global village on the issue of world peace through this program arranged around your wonderful heritage.

Even if we have differences in culture and differences in creed, it is a fact that we are first of all members of the same family of human beings, existing together in this beautiful global village. Therefore we should all live peacefully together in unity and harmony, giving and receiving advice from each other, respecting others’ sense of value - however different it may be from one's own.

The peace of mankind originates from personal peace of each and every one of us. Without attaining one’s own personal peace, the peace of the mankind will never be realized. Why? Because the very individuals who are now fighting with each other, unfortunately, do not know that they themselves have already lost their own personal peace.

So, if I may, I would like to offer a humble advice to all leaders of government, corporations, and religious institutions, and to all mankind concerning “Enduring World-Peace”.

It is the following: Everyone should fulfil his duty, after attaining the peace of his own self.

But how does one go about attaining the peace of one’s own self?
Through learning a way to keep a stable balance of his own mind.

Then: What is this way?

I pray that your cultural festival be of great success.

Thank You.

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