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Once a month an intensive Zen practice session is offered at International Zen-Temple gem. e. V. Participation requires personal allowance from Ven. Zen master Y. S. Seong Do. We recommend that only persons with experience in Zen sitting practice do apply to participate. Beginners are welcome to join us on Tuesday evenings when they will receive an individual introduction to sitting Zen practice prior to the start of the session.

Weekly Zen Practice

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Personal Experiences with Zen Practice
My Life with Zen Practice
Ji San

As often as my tight working schedule as a medical doctor allows me I participate in the events that take place at International Zen-Temple. At this place of Buddhist practice I have found the necessary environment to remind me of what is essential in life.

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Personal Experiences with Zen Practice
How Zen Practice Has Changed My Life
Dae Hyun

I have now been practicing for almost 15 years under the Ven. Zen Master Young San Seong Do at the International Zen-Temple. Despite my many years of practice, I still see myself as a beginner. I often think that my practice should be stronger. But I am very happy to have never given up and stayed true to Zen practice. Over the years, Zen has become the most important thing in my life. What, then, does ‘Zen practice’ mean?

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The Diamond Sutra
Wisdom beyond Words
Hyun Jung

The buddhistic teaching shows the way to enlightenment. The wisdom beyond words can be gained by meditation. How we therefore have to proceed – i.e. with an advanced acknowledgement – how we must subdue our mind and abide, ...

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The Diamond Sutra
Spiritual and Cultural Chain Reaction
Cheong Am

Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Diamond Sutra more than 2500 years ago, and it was Kumarajiva who translated it from Sanskrit into Chinese 1500 years ago. Historians say this was the beginning of an overwhelming spiritual and cultural chain reaction in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and many other Asian countries which is still going on.

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Buddha's Birthday
Celebration of Buddha's Birthday and Ceremony of Receiving the Five Precepts
Haein Seong

Along with Buddhists all over the world, this year again, on the 8th day of the fourth month according to the lunar calendar, the practitioners of the International Zen- Temple will celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha's birthday. This year the 2555th anniversary of his birthday falls on the 28th May.

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The Diamond Sutra
What the Diamond Sutra Means to Me
Beob Su Haeng

“When you are in trouble, do you have a good friend you can call?”
To this question, asked by my academic supervisor some time ago, I replied: “When I am in real trouble, I read the Diamond Sutra.”
This answer came spontaneously and immediately, without hesitation; and it was at that occasion when I realized just how important the Diamond Sutra had become for me by then.

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Address of Condolence to the Deceased,
Hyun Jeong

In April 2013 our long-standing fellow practitioner and beloved Dharma friend Hyun Jeong Bo Sal Nim passed away. As part of the Buddhist funeral ceremonies for her mortal remains, the following  funeral speech was read, written by the Venerable Zen Master Young San Seong Do for the occasion.


Alas! Woe is me.
Our life, where does it come from, where does it go?

Buddha says,
"All our meetings must inevitably be separated, all men are mortal.“

Whosoever cannot avoid this fate.
Woe, so is me!

An eminent teacher says:
"Coming empty handed to this world,
Going empty handed to the other world,
This is our human life.

When I am born in this world, where do I come from;
When I die, where do I go?

Life is like a floating cloud that appears,
Death is like a floating cloud disappearing.

The floating cloud itself is originally unreal.
Life and death, going and coming are also like that.

However, here is one thing that is always clear,
it is always in clearness beyond birth and death."

Hyun Jeong Lee Ok Hwa Bosal,
From now on, put it all down, be in eternal bliss of peace!

Namu Amita-Bul, Namu Amita-Bul, Namu Amita-Bul.

Expressing my regret over your death,

Seong Do


My Life with Zen Practice
How Zen Practice Has
Changed My Life
Wisdom beyond Words
Spiritual and Cultural
Chain Reaction
Celebration of Buddha's Birthday
Address of Condolence
What the Diamond Sutra
Means to Me

On Buddha's Birthday practitioners can receive the Five Precepts for laypeople. A special ceremony – called Su Ge Shik – is held at International Zen-Temple on this occasion.

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