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Buddha's Birthday
Celebration of Buddha's Birthday and Ceremony of Receiving the Five Precepts
Haein Seong

Along with Buddhists all over the world, this year again, on the 8th day of the fourth month according to the lunar calendar, the practitioners of the International Zen Temple will celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha's birthday. This year the 2555th anniversary of his birthday falls on the 28th May.

On this great event, the solemn ritual of Su Ge Shik takes place, in which lay people receive the five Buddhist vows. This year, it is already the twelfth time that this special ceremony is celebrated at the international Zen-Temple in Berlin under the guidance of the Venerable Zen Master Young San Seong Do.

To prepare for this important religious festival, to which all members and friends of the International Zen-Temple and their guests are invited, all practitioners should strive in a special way to purify their minds.

The Lotus Lanterns

The lotus flower, which reveals its wonderfully perfect flower out of the murky waters, has always been a symbol of Buddha's enlightenment and stands for His pure and benevolent mind.

Following a 1000 year old tradition in Korean Buddhism, the lotus lanterns are built by hand in the International Zen-Temple for the celebration of Buddha's birthday and are then hung in the main halls of the temple.

Members and friends of the Temple who are not able to personally participate in the preparation of the lotus lanterns can also acquire them through a donation, which is linked to a personal wish for whose fulfilment the Venerable Zen Master Young San Seong Do will pray.

Participation in the preparatory event of making and offering the lotus lanterns creates great blessings for all participants, their families and personal environment.

Celebration of Buddha's Birthday
09.20 Diamond Sutra recitation
10:00 Ceremony of Buddha's Birthday and Lotus Lantern prayer
11:00 Dharma speech of the Zen Master
12:00 Break

Su Ge Shik
15:00 12th Su Ge Schik (ceremony to receive the five Buddhist precepts)
17:00 Dharma speech to the Su Ge Shik
18:00 Recitation of the four vows

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