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The Diamond Sutra
Spiritual and Cultural Chain Reaction
Cheong Am

I am a member of the International Zen-Temple in Berlin, Germany, which was founded by the Korean monk and Zen Master Young San Seong Do Snim around 12 years ago. At our temple many people from various European countries and even of other confessions practice the Korean "Gong-An Seon" under the guidance of Zen Master Young San Seong Do Snim.

For several years we feel that a growing number of people, especially here in Europe, shows earnest interest in practicing Zen. Of course, the Korean "Gong-An Seon" is just one of the path practicing Zen. This development is also implying that more and more people are considering the Diamond Sutra as essence of Buddha's teaching and begin to understand its profound and mysterious truth.

Being aware of this Zen Master Young San Seong Do Snim tackled the extremely demanding task to translate the original Chinese text of "Keum Kang Kyung" into English. For his translation work he has put all of his energy and wisdom that he had attained during his 40 years intensive practice in "Gong-An Seon". His disciples have then translated this English version into German.

Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Diamond Sutra more than 2500 years ago, and it was Kumarajiva who translated it from Sanskrit into Chinese 1500 years ago. Historians say this was the beginning of an overwhelming spiritual and cultural chain reaction in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and many other Asian countries which is still going on.

Zen Master Young San Seong Do Snim's translation of the Diamond Sutra is true to Chinese original and should thus have achieved a highest degree of authenticity.
I personally hope people, in particular in English- and German-speaking countries, find this translation precious to study for their own life. Furthermore, I hope its dissemination will be warmly accompanied by people with interest in cultivating Buddha mind.

I am very happy to share with you the Diamond Sutra translation and wish Buddha's blessings to you and your families.

In Dharma and kind regards!

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