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Weitere Sutren
Weitere Sutren

Alle Formierungen sind vergänglich.
Das ist das Gesetz von Leben und Tod.
Wenn sowohl Leben als auch Tod verschwinden, dann ist die vollkommene Stille Glückseligkeit."

Mahaparinirvana- Sutra

The Avatamsaka Sutra (the Hua-yen)
  ( 華嚴經 )

If you wish to thoroughly understand
all the Buddhas of the three periods,
then you should perceive the nature of the Dharma-realms
as all things are created by mind only.


The Dharmapada Sutra
  ( 法句經 )

The mind is the origin of all Dharmas.
By the mind, all things appear or disappear.
If having good thoughts in the mind,
either good speeches or good deeds appear.
Then blessing and pleasure always follow you
as your shadow follows you.

The mind is the origin of all Dharmas.
By the mind, all things appear or disappear.
If having bad thoughts in the mind,
either bad speeches or bad deeds appear.
Then sins and sufferings always follow you
as the print of the wheels follows the cart.


The Mahaparinirvana-Sutra
  ( 經 )

All formations are impermanent.
This is the law of life and death.
When both life and death disappear,
then the perfect stillness is bliss.


The Lotus Sutra
  ( 法華經 )

All phenomena which come from their very origin,
of themselves, always have the mark of perfect stillness.
When the follower of the Buddha thus practices the path,
he will become a Buddha in the future lives.


The Song of Dharma Nature (by the Patriarch Eu Sang)
  ( 法性偈 )

Perfect and complete is the nature of Dharma, which has no dual marks.
All the Dharmas are unmoving and basically still.
It is, without names and forms, cut off from all things.
This can
be understand only by enlightened wisdom, and not by any other sphere.
The One is in the whole, the whole are in the One.
The One is just the whole, the whole are just one.
Infinite Kalpas are the same as one thought.
One thought is the same as infinite Kalpas.

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